Best Laptop with fingerprint reader 2023

Best Laptop with fingerprint reader 2024 – Top laptops with fingerprint scanner – ultrabooks with fingerprint scanner

Laptop with fingerprint reader / scanner in 2024 – Ultrabooks with finger print reader

Laptop with fingerprint readers are essential for keeping your computer as secure as possible. A laptop with finger print scanner is easiest way to log in.

Fingerprint reader is considered on top of the list for many laptop buyers. Number of laptop thieves have increased multifold over the past few years and it has now become indispensable for a business user to buy a laptop / ultrabook with finger print reader in order to maximize the level of security. There is no such thing as “enough security” for businessmen. These days people are buying smartphones with built in fingerprint readers because they do not want their data to land in someone else’s hand.

laptop with fingerprint reader 2024

The fingerprint reader is located in between the touchpad’s left and right buttons. To use it, just swipe either in upward or downward direction. Of course if you are using gloves you can us other log in options like picture password in windows 11 or normal word password in other windows versions. It shall be noted that no Apple computer comes with a fingerprint reader which pretty much shows how much the Cupertino giant cares about business users. A lot of these laptops come from HP and Dell which are apparently most popular laptop manufactures in America.

Best fingerprint laptop 2024

HP Pavilion

Everybody loves HP when it comes to business laptops and this list would be incomplete if we do not mention the latest HP Pavilion. This laptop packs all ingredients for a perfect business and everyday laptop. With the HP Pavilion, you get the latest Intel Core i7 quad core processor, 64GB RAM, fast 4TB SSD to ensure you never run out of space and a price tag of under $1200.

You also get SSD for shockproof data security and enhanced user experience. Keyboard is accurately laid out and its backlit keys let you type in dark. You simply cannot go wrong with it. A top-class ultrabook laptop with fingerprint reader.

HP Pavilion

15.6″ FHD Display, Intel Core i7-1355U, 64GB RAM, 4TB PCIe SSD, Fingerprint Reader, Backlit Keyboard, Webcam, Type-C, HDMI, Wi-Fi 6, Windows 11 Pro

Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is a no compromise, affordable laptop packing top level specifications for the year 2024. It packs latest AMD Ryzen quad core ultrabook processor which is very efficient, thus giving great battery life of upto 9.5-hours. Pair that with a very capable AMD graphics and you have a powerful thin ultrabook that handles anything and everything – from gaming to productivity. Its screen is home to a full HD IPS panel that looks great from every angle. Keyboard is backlit and well-laid out for comfortable typing experience. The top cover is made of aluminum and cool to touch. Easily the best laptop with fingerprint reader.

Acer Aspire 5

【RAM and Storage】20GB memory for multitasking Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once. Hard Drive is upgraded to 1 TB Solid State Drive allows to fast bootup and data transfer.
【Powerful Processor】AMD Ryzen 3 3350U Quad-Core Processor up to 3.50GHz to get things done fast with supreme performance.
【Display】15.6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Anti-glare widescreen IPS Display. Complied with AMD Radeon Vega 6 Mobile Graphics to enjoy your photos, movies, and games with all lighting conditions and acceptable color accuracy.
【A Lighted Keyboard】 The backlit keyboard let you find a certain key without pain. Numpad promotes your work efficiency like people who work with spreadsheets
【Special Tech Specs】 Lifesaver Fingerprint Reader is used to log in to your desktop in seconds with a single touch

Why laptop with fingerprint scanners matter?

There are now many different ways to log-in into a laptop computer. While most popular way is still entering your password, the best is getting a laptop with fingerprint reader. It adds an additional layer of strong protection as nobody can replicate your fingerprints.

It is easy to crack a password but same cannot be said for fingerprints as they are unique to every single individual. To use a fingerprint scanner on a computer, just swipe down on the scanning area and windows will automatically unlock your laptop.

This also makes it a faster way to login as you do not need to enter a string of characters and numbers to unlock your laptop – just swiping your finger does the job. Also compared to login using your webcam, fingerprint scanner is still way faster. Unlike webcam login, which does not work as expected in dim-lightening conditions, fingerprint readers do not face this problem.

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