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Best Laptops for College Students 2018

A best college laptop in 2018 should have decent screen size, good battery life and excellent built quality as you will be tossing it in your backpack in college campus all day.

Find the best laptop for college 2018 here. If you are a student and looking for top college laptops, we have picked best laptop according to your need and demand of university. College time is the best time of a student life. Having a laptop with poor battery life is a no-no as you really would not want to carry a laptop that dies in an hour or so but there are people with different needs and for those, battery life may not be the top most concern. So what points you should keep in mind when buying a cheap laptop for college in 2017?

Best Laptops for College Students 2018

Before buying a laptop for college, keep these things in mind

Say no to 17 inchers – Another criteria that comes in the mind of a college student is compact size. You should not buy a 17 inch laptop for college just because it is cheap. The reason is 17 inch laptops are too heavy to carry around and also they would not fit on your desk. Consider a netbook if you do not require a powerhouse. If you do not require a powerful laptop machine and your top priority if great battery life and portability, then getting a netbook makes perfect sense. You can find best netbooks 2018 here. These mini laptops are great for getting things done and fit perfectly inside your backpacks too. They run Microsoft Office perfectly fine and run Windows, so compatibility issues with your applications and university Wi-Fi.

Performance – If you what you will be doing is note taking, web surfing then having a laptop with CPU like kaby lake or skylake makes more sense. The new kaby lake laptops have incredibly low TDP that lets you enjoy good battery life without sacrificing on the performance front. However if you are going to run powerful applications like AutoCAD on laptop, then stay away from these netbooks because they will be too underpowered for your usage. Here are our best picks for best colleges laptops in 2018 of USA.

Best laptop for college 2018 Lenovo Ideapad 110s 

Lenovo Ideapad 110s is one of the top laptops for college students in 2017. This is great if you want to a thin, portable and light 2lbs laptop that is super easy to carry around. It is super-tweaked for windows 10 and has excellent built quality. The keyboard is great for typing long documents in classrooms and has long battery life around 7-9 hours on single charge. So there is no need to carry a charger to college – just leave it in dorm-room. The screen has matte coating so you can work in all kinds of conditions – bright or dim. It is super fast and gives more expensive laptops a run for their money.
Lenovo Ideapad 110s

* Intel Celeron N3050 dual core processor
* 2GB DDR3L + 32GB eMMC flash memory
* 11.6″ anti-glare LED backlight display with Intel HD Graphics, Windows 10

Best laptop for college student for work and gaming is Dell Inspiron i5577

This powerful laptop is incredbily poweful and is one of the few laptops that features backlit keyboard and a full size keyboard so you enter text comfortably. Powered by i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 which is a discrete Nvidia laptop GPU, this Dell laptop is ideal for working on graphic-intensive applications like AutoCad, Matlab, SAP, Photoshop etc and high end gaming for under 800 dollars. The screen features full HD resolution and anti-matte coating that will help you increase your productivity by a huge margin. The keyboard is backlit and full size for perfect desktop-class experience. The 1000GB hard disk is accompanied by 128GB SSD that is used as cache for boosting performance. It has generous 8GB RAM for top-class multitasking experience.
Dell inspiron i5577

* 15.6″ FHD 1920×080 pixel display with antiglare
* Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor, upto 3.8GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU
* 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1000GB HDD
* Backlit keyboard, 5.66-lbs weight

Best all around laptop for college is Lenovo Ideapad 310

Lenovo Ideapad 310 is not affordable but powerful too. It features the latest AMD A10 processor that brings capable Radeon R5 graphics that can handle CPU- and GPU-intensive applications with ease. Its powerful graphics card also lets you enjoy high definition movies and even latest games. There is whopping 12GB RAM which will allow you to run memory-hogging applications with ease. There is 1000GB hard disk storage as well. Battery life is about 5-hours on single charge.
Lenovo Ideapad 310

* 15.6-inch display with 1366×768 resolution
* AMD A10-9600P processor clocked at 2.4GHz
* AMD Radeon R5 graphics, 30-watt li-polymer battery
* 12GB RAM, 1000GB hard disk, 4.8-pounds

Asus Vivobook M580VD 

Asus Vivobook M580VD is touted as gaming laptop by the company which is a good thing since most gaming laptops are powerful computers capable of handling graphic intensive applications and of course, gaming as well. It makes use of discrete graphics card by Nvidia which coupled with i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD makes it a very fast laptop. There is additional 1000GB hard disk storage as well. It has full HD 15.6-inch display which will be welcomed by college students. The keyboard is full size and backlit letting you work in all sorts of environments. Despite packing so much technology underneath its shell, the Asus Vivobook weighs a modest 5.1-pounds. If you are confused on which laptop to buy, get this one. You won’t be disasspointed.
Asus VivoBook M580VD

* 15.6″ 1920×1080 FHD laptop with anti-reflective coating
* Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz processor, turbo boost upto 3.8GHz
* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB gaming graphic card
* 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB hard disk Storage, backlit keyboard

Best 15-inch laptop for college students is HP Pavilion 15

This is a very powerful laptop for getting work done. It is powered by capable i5 processor that is backed by 8GB RAM for smooth multi-tasking experience. There is 1000GB storage which is great for your multimedia and college needs. But our favorite feature is full HD display that not only makes movies and images look more vivid, but also boosts your productivity by showing more content on screen at a time. It has enough power to handle all sorts of processor intensive tasks and more. It has long battery life of 5-6 hours and weighs under 4.5-lbs. The keyboard is full size and packs a dedicated number pad so you can enter numbers faster. This makes it a nice cheap desktop replacement laptop.
HP Pavilion 15

* 15.6 inch full HD display with anti-glare coating
* Intel Core i5-6200u processor clocked at 2.3GHz, turbo boost clock speed is 2.8GHz
* 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1000GB HDD, DVD drive
* 4.27-lbs weight, 5-7 hour battery life

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