Cheap Ultrabooks with Optical Drives in 2016: Best DVD Ultrabook Reviews – cheapest ultrabook with DVD drive

Cheapest Ultrabook laptop with DVD drive – Best cheap ultrabook with DVD drive in 2016

Ultrabooks with DVD drives have their own benefits. Users buying these usually like watching movies from their DVDs on the move. These people do not like to carry the bulky laptops and want to enjoy the long battery life that ultrabooks offer.

People who buy ultrabooks normally come across laptops with no DVD drives. But all the companies are still churning out cheap ultrabooks with DVD drives for those who cannot live without one. I personally know several people who still like to pop in their old family DVD movie into their computer. Some just do not have the knowledge and time to rip-off the video from DVD to their computer as it requires special software. Nevertheless there are plenty of laptop companies that have managed to squeeze in a DVD drive into ultrabook’s shell and many ultrabooks with optical drives in 2016 are on sale.

Best ultrabook with DVD drive is Asus F555LA  #1 seller

Asus F555LA packs full HD display, DVD drive and latest Intel processor. It is thin, light and very capable enough for daily chores and multimedia content. It is powerful enough for content creation as well. Despite packing all that, this ultrabook features DVD drive and a thin chassis making it easy to carry around.
Asus F555LA

* 15.6″ Full HD (1920*1080) display
* Powerful 5th-generation Intel Core i3-5010U 2.1GHz, Broadwell.
* 4GB RAM + 500GB 5400RPM with DVD RW
* Super fast WiFi 802.11ac which is 3x faster than the typical 802.11n.
* Features 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI and VGA ports.

Ultrabooks with DVD drive: why do they matter?

Convenience: DVDs can store more than 4GB of data and if you have a lot of DVD disks, it might be just convenient to have a laptop or ultrabook with DVD drive. While it is totally possible to achieve the same by buying an external DVD reader, you will not be carrying it around with you all the time. So having one with DVD drive built in makes sense. Just keep in mind that you will only find DVD drives in 15-inch ultrabooks as 11-inch ultrabooks and 13-inch thin laptops do not have space to accommodate one.

Old media: If you have lot of media on old CD and DVD disks and you are unable to rip-off to computer due to legal reasons, it might be a good idea to get an ultrabook with DVD drive.

Feels complete: We all grew up with desktops and laptops with DVD drive and that is why some of us might be looking to same feature in ultrabook that we are about to purchase. Some of us do not like losing a feature just to gain a few.

HP 15-ay011nr 

This HP laptop is quite possibly the most professional looking 15″ ultrabook with DVD drive. Packing an ultra thin design, the HP 15-ay011nr comes with latest i5 ULV aka ultra low voltage processor onboard that delivers stellar performance and battery life. You get plenty of storage onboard thanks to 1TB hard disk and whopping 8GB RAM for excellent multi tasking experience.
HP 15-ay011nr

* Intel Core i5 6200U
* 8GB DDR3 RAM + 1TB (1000GB) HDD and DVD burner
* 15.6″ display with full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels

Lenovo Ideapad 300 

The Lenovo Ideapad 300 has latest hardware and runs very quite. It offers fast performance and typing experience thanks to big wrist space and ergonomic keyboard. It is super thin, even with the DVD drive built in and very light. All this makes it an amazing all purpose laptop.
Lenovo Ideapad 300

* Intel Core i5 6200U processor
* 15.6″ HD display with 1366×768 resolution
* DOLBY audio – Stereo speakers sound bigger, better and louder than ever, thanks to the experts at Dolby Laboratories.

Latest laptop with DVD drive is Acer Aspire E 15

This laptop packs the latest 7th generation Kaby lake processor from Intel and you’ll be able to get 8-9 battery life from it. It runs Windows 10 and packs fast DDR4 4GB RAM and 1000GB (1TB) hard disk drive. Also, Acer makes very dependable products and offers great after-sales experience. What we like about it is the fact it comes with full HD screen that is not present in most of the sub-400 dollar laptops out there. One of the best kabylake laptop out there.
Acer Aspire E15

* Full HD 15.6-inch display, 1920×1080 pixels
* Intel Core i3-7100U kaby lake Processor, Intel HD Graphics 620
* 4GB DDR4 Dual Channel Memory, 1TB HDD, DVD-Super Multi drive
* 1x USB 3.1, 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB2.0, HDMI, HD webcam

Asus X540LA 

This Asus laptop is the most affordable and surprisingly most good looking ultrabook with optical drive. Packing an ultra-low powered i3 processor, this laptop is ideal for daily computing and comes with a roomy keyboard for excellent typing experience.
Asus X540LA

* Intel Core i3-5020U processor, integrated graphics
* 4GB RAM + 1TB (1000GB) hard disk
* 15.6 inch display with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution
* SuperMulti DVD/CD burner, Windows 10 Home, 64-bit OS

HP 15-ay018nr

The HP 15 is the latest ultrabook with DVD drive packing the latest Intel Skylake processor that is incredibly power sipping and yields excellent performance and battery life. Since its processor is manufactured using latest technology, it generates very little heat. Oh, since it packs full HD display with IPS tech, you have a laptop with super crisp display too. It has full size keyboard with excellent key pitch that makes it ideal for those who type a lot.
HP 15-ay018nr

* 15.6-inch Diagonal Full HD WLED-backlit IPS Display (1920×1080) Touchscreen
* 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U Dual Core Processor + Intel HD Graphics 520 with up to 4168 MB total graphics memory.
* 8GB DDR3L Memory (1 DIMM), 256 GB M.2 Solid-State Drive, SuperMulti DVD Burner
* Windows 10 Home 64bit, turbo silver color

Asus X555DA 

The X555DA is a very powerful ultrabook with DVD drive. Powered by the latest AMD quad core processor and 8 gigabytes of memory, you can do pretty much anything on it – gaming and heavy duty apps included.
Asus X555DA

* 15.6 inches LED backlit display, 1366 by 768 resolution, matte finished.
* AMD Quad Core A10-8400P 2.5GHz processor
* 8GB RAM/ 1TB 5400RPM with DVD RW/CD-RW. Windows 10 operation system.
* Feature 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI and VGA ports.
* 1 year International Warranty with 1 year Accidental Damage Protection

Dell Inspiron i5559-1747SLV 

This Dell ultrabook features a slick design and packs latest Intel Core i3 processor. You get 15.6 inch full HD laptop with touchscreen that supports Intel RealSense technology for interacting with computer using gestures. It has ample memory and ports, making it an affordable desktop replacement machine. The keyboard is full size and features numpad for faster input of numbers. Processor is very capable and you can do heavy-duty work and web-surfing with quite a lot of tabs opened on it without any lag. Truly a well-balanced laptop with DVD drive.
Dell Inspiron 15 i5558

* 15.6 inch HD LED-backlit touchscreen Touchscreen with Intel Real Sense
* 6th Generation Intel Core i3-6100U Processor (3M Cache, 2.30 GHz), Intel HD graphics 520
* 6GB DDR3L 1600 MHz; 1TB 5400 RPM HDD; DVD RW
* 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, HDMI, Headphone output/Microphone input combo, LAN (10/100)
* Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system, 7-hour battery life

Asus K501UX 

Asus K501UX is an ultra thin ultrabook packing powerful i7 skylake processor, full HD display that is driven by nvidia 950M graphics card. This ultrabook has backlit keyboard, 256GB solid state drive and international warranty as well.
Asus K501UX

* Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz (Turbo up to 3.1GHz). Skylake
* 15.6 inches Matte FHD display. 1920 by 1080 resolution. Windows 10 Operation System.
* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M gaming graphic card; 8GB RAM; 256GB SSD Storage. Backlit keyboard.
* Gigabit Dual-Band 802.11AC ultra-fast Wi-Fi.
* Feature 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI. Bluetooth 4.0.

Lenovo G50 

Sporting black matte textured finish, the Lenovo G50 packs Intel Core i3-4030U ultra low voltage processor, 4GB RAM, 1000GB (1TB) hard disk. This serious laptop is all about business; packing a dedicated number pad, multi gesture touchpad and long battery life.
lenovo g50

* 15.6-inch High-Definition (1366 x 768) LED-Backlit Display
* Intel Core i3-4030U processor
* Intel HD Graphics 4400, HDMI, VGA
* 4GB RAM, 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive, Multiformat DVD drive
* Windows 8.1 64-bit free upgrade to Windows 10

Dell Inspiron i5759-4129BLK 

This laptop is one of the most well-packed 17″ laptop with DVD drive. It has powerful processor that is backed by decent memory and storage, which is 1000GB. Dell has made great use of the bigger chassis by equipping this laptop with full size keyboard with dedicated keypad, making it one of the most capable desktop replacement laptop out there. The Dell Inspiron i5759 runs the latest version of Windows OS, the Windows 10 and comes with latest Intel Skylake processor that brings superb battery life and performance to the table.
Dell Inspiron i5759

* 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6200U Processor (3MB Cache, up to 2.80 GHz), Intel HD graphics 520
* 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM, 1 TB HDD Storage; Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD)
* 17.3 Inch (1600 x 900 pixels) LED-lit Truelife Screen, Windows 10 Operating System

HP 15 laptop with latest Intel processor 

HP 15 sports a latest Intel processor and runs Windows 10 operating system. Despite being so slim, it packs DVD writer and a spacious 750GB hard disk and big 15.6 inch display.
HP 15

* 15.6-Inch 1366×768 pixel LED-lit Screen
* Intel Core i3-5005U 2.0 GHz Processor
* Windows 10 operating system
* 750 GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive, DVD Super Multi

Asus X553SA 

The Asus X553SA is not exactly an ultrabook but is very slim. On top of that, it comes with latest Intel dual core processor that still will give you good enough performance and excellent battery life. For storage, you get whopping 500GB HDD backed by 4GB RAM. You can upgrade the latter to 8GB RAM for extra performance boost.
Asus X553SA

* 15.6 inch high definition display
* Intel latest N3050 Processor
* 4GB GB RAM with 500GB hard disk drive
* Windows 10 operating system

So there you have the best ultrabooks with DVD drive. Did you notice the pattern that all laptops have 15 inch display? That is because netbooks just do not have the space to fit one.

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